December 14, 2021

Episode 82 - Tiger Woods Returns to Golf at the PNC Championship

On this episode of Gripping Golf Podcast, John, Dave, Pete and Billy discuss the return of Tiger Woods to competitive golf at the PNC Championship. Tiger will make his return to golf after suffer a severely broken leg nearly 10 months ago in California. Tiger will play along side his son Charlie Woods, 12 years old, and storming up the junior amateur ranks.

December 7, 2021

Episode 80 - Golf Etiquette and the Secret to Putting

On this episode Gripping Golf Podcast, Dave, Pete and Billy talk about golf etiquette. What are the does and doesn't when getting around the golf course. Listen and find out what you've been doing wrong or right. Bonus, the secret to putting...listen and find out.

November 23, 2021

Episode 79 - Unlocking Human Potential with Thane Marcus Ringler

On this episode of Gripping Golf Podcast: John, Dave and Billy are joined by Thane Marcus. Thane after completing as a professional golfer refocused his efforts on brining the habits, mindsets and disciplines of a professional athlete to everyday people in everyday life. Thane strives to help others discover, and commit, to the disciplines, habits, and lifestyle that will ultimately amplify both their work and their results.