December 5, 2019

Episode 20

Jon Snyder and J.T. Watson from Imperial Golf joins GrippingGolf to talk about their Passion, Process and Perform approach to instructing golfers of all levels to enjoy the game of golf.

On this episode of GrippingGolf, Billy and Daniel are joined by Jon Synder and J.T. Watson from Imperial Golf and talk about Imperial Golf’s approach to teaching the game of golf.

About Imperial…

Imperial golf was started in 2013 as a stand alone golf facility here in Parkville, MO. With a lot hard work and perseverance they were able to grow the business through word of mouth based on a stellar reputation for eye opening instruction. Over the last few years their vision has been and still remains to impact the world of golf on a major scale. The renovation in February, 2017 was the first major step in the direction of growth for Imperial Golf. Creating a one of a kind purpose built facility that encompass’ all aspects of the game of golf to further benefit our students and help mold a better game tee to green. With hard work and determination they are now poised to grow the brand of Imperial Golf.

Why Imperial Golf?

They wanted a name that would separate them from all other instruction as well as a name that was diverse enough to be applied to other areas of the golf industry. Instruction is just the beginning for Imperial Golf and they feel with their knowledge and professionalism they’ll be able to branch out into others areas within the world of golf.

Why get rid of the “academy” name?

Their vision initially was to create something that was less regional so that when we start expanding beyond our current location the transition would be less complicated. Further more, in the world of changing golf retailers and club companies their role within the golf industry has yet to be defined. Both Jon and J.T. are excited to find out what opportunities await them.