October 7, 2020

Episode 37

On this episode, Dr. Linda Sterling of Sterling Sport Mindset. Dr. Sterling holds masters and doctoral degrees, in Counseling Psychology and Sport Psychology. She went on to have a 13-year career as a professor. Taught psychology, counseling, and sport and exercise psychology courses, developed and directed a master’s program geared for a future sport psychologist, conducted research, and advised/mentored hundreds of students and student athletes on psychology and life. She is a licensed professional counselor and earned Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) status through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, which is currently the gold standard for applied sport psychology professionals. Please welcome to the show Dr. Linda Sterling

Sterling Sport Mindset

Welcome to Sterling Sport Mindset! Kansas City + Online Sport Psychology.

Are you serious college athlete who deisres to do well on and off the field?

If so, you can probably relate to the following unique challenges:

You’re practicing, you’re competing, you’re traveling, you’re in the weight room, you’re in the athletic training room, and you’re juggling other team obligations.

Oh and you’re a full-time student.

How do you find time to study? Do you need an internship? Should you go to grad school? Will you get a good job after graduation? Should you go pro?

You’re also figuring out who you’re becoming as a person.

As an athlete, identity is often tied to your sport and your performance.

In college athletics, you’re expected to produce on the field. It’s less about effort and improvement and more about getting the win. The pressure can be overwhelming.

Add to this, facing unexpected challenges in your sport, the ONE thing that makes you feel clear and confident about who you are, and it can be unsettling. Things like…

You’re recently injured and everything is up in the air. You’re not getting the playing time you had hoped for or expected. You’re stuck “in your head” and it’s influencing your performance. You’re attempting to adjust to new teammates and new coaching styles. It’s at once a great accomplishment to be in your shoes and a totally “I’m not in Kansas anymore” moment.

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