October 27, 2021

Episode 72 - Garmin Approach R10 Portable Launch Monitor

On this episode of GrippingGolf Podcast, hear Billy Daniels and Dave Miller discuss the newest golf product from Garmin, The Garmin Approach R10 Portable Launch Monitor.

GET MORE FROM YOUR GAME Small and easy to move from home to the driving range, Approach R10 is the portable launch monitor that brings the course to you.

-The game goes where you go: at home, indoors or on the driving range. -Step up your swing consistency by tracking more than a dozen golf metrics. -Time to train. View your shots on a detailed dispersion chart. -Seeing is believing. Record video clips of each shot. -Virtual rounds let you play any course without leaving the house. -Up to 10 hours of battery life means more time on the range.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT Work on improving your game anywhere and any time of year. Approach R10 is easy to move from inside your home to the backyard and even to the driving range.

SEE YOUR STATS The included phone mount clips to your golf bag, letting you view and interact with the Garmin Golf™ app on your compatible smartphone between swings.

BATTERY LIFE Spend more time playing between charges with up to 10 hours of battery life.

TRACK MORE METRICS Work to improve your shot consistency by tracking metrics such as club head speed, ball speed, spin, launch angle, launch direction, smash factor and more.

AUTOMATICALLY RECORDS VIDEO See and analyze your own swing with video clips that feature your real stats overlaid on each shot.

42,000+ VIRTUAL COURSES You and up to three other golfers can likely play your own home course or even a course you’re going to play on your next trip with virtual rounds2 for more than 42,000 worldwide courses.

TRY THE GARMIN GOLF MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE Take virtual golfing for a test-drive with a free 30-day trial to the Garmin Golf app premium content.

E6 CONNECT COMPATIBILITY The E6 Connect library of content (not included) is compatible with Approach R10. With E6 Connect, easily play photorealistic courses whenever you want.

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